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Abrams Describes Trailer Scenes

By T'Bonz
November 19, 2008 - 8:59 PM

In the past few days, the new trailer for Star Trek XI has been discussed and questions have been raised by fans, but some of these questions may have been answered recently by comments from Star Trek XI Director J.J. Abrams on some of the scenes in the trailer.

As reported by Empire, since the release of the Star Trek XI trailer, fans have discussed, picked over, argued about and questioned various elements from the new trailer but fans have been given some explanations with the comments included with thirty-one different photos from the trailer.

Abrams began with the initial scenes of a young Kirk riding in the Corvette and on the motorbike. "The idea with the trailer was to start with something unexpected and Earth-bound and then thrust you into the world of Trek. The scenes on Earth were important to feel a sense of future but also a real sense of now as well. Star Wars is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but Star Trek is our future, so it's important that we not feel disconnected from that. There are a couple of sequences that take place in Iowa and some in San Francisco and it was just important that the movie feel connected to familiar terrain before it became about things that you more might expect."

The fate of both the USS Kelvin and James T. Kirk's parents was explained. "The USS Kelvin, the ship upon which Kirk's parents serve. It (and they) meet a sticky end at the beginning of the film at the hands of Nero." The fate of the USS Kelvin is not surprising when Abrams reveals that "We know from the preview footage that [Nero's shadowy vessel] manages to take down forty-seven Klingon Warbirds single-handedly."

And Nero's background is explained too. "Nero in rags being manhandled by Klingon guards (yes, they're Klingons under the masks). "Part of Nero's back story is that he was being held in a Klingon prison, so that's what you're seeing here."

Several comments were about crew members. "Hikaru Sulu lays into Romulan soldiers with his extendable pocket katana," says Abrams. He goes on to praise Anton Yelchin as Chekov and explains the "w" for "v" usage. "He's from Russia originally and one of our early discussions was that they don't transpose 'w' and 'v'; that's not a Russian thing. In fact it's more a Polish thing. But I was like 'I think we have to do it anyway'. It's so what you know with Chekov so we kept what had come before." Finally, the Uhura dressing scene is explained. "This is a very funny scene where Kirk is in Uhura's room, watching her undress, and she very quickly realizes he's there."

To read more comments and to see the pictures, head to the article located here.

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