Berman Expects New Producer For Next TV Trek

By Michelle
November 19, 2005 - 4:36 PM

When there is a new Star Trek series, Rick Berman does not expect to be a part of it.

Like his fellow Enterprise executive producer Brannon Braga (story), Berman told Star Trek Magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse) that when Paramount decides to revive the television franchise, "itís going to be the result of someone fresh, someone who has not been extensively involved with Star Trek, coming up with a new approach to the series."

"I think when Roddenberry created The Next Generation it was similar in many ways to the original shows, but obviously with a brand Ė new cast and a lot of new elements to the universe and to the spaceship," he added. "But since then, we did nearly 700 hours of Star Trek." To reinvigorate it, Berman noted, a new show will "have to be something very fresh and new, and my guess is that it would very possibly be from someone other than the people who have been creatively involved with it in the past."

Though Berman is still attached to the eleventh Star Trek feature film, he said that the story for that film "is still up in the air." Originally it was planned to be a prequel set between Enterprise and the original series, but Berman said, "Whether the next movie takes place there or whether it takes place at another point, I think that the studio's feeling is that it would be nice to try to do a feature film with a fresh, new, no-television-series crew." He expected that that would negate any possibility of using characters from the existing shows.

"By the way, I would say that the film is still in the same early stages of development it was the last time we talked," Berman noted, admitting that no progress had been made. He is currently working on other television series for the next development season, the details of which he could not discuss.

For more, including Berman's memories of James Doohan and Robert Wise, the original article is in issue #124 of Star Trek Magazine. These excerpts are from Sci Fi Pulse.

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