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Shatner Loving Life, But Not 'Enterprise' Salary Offer

By Michelle
November 19, 2004 - 2:23 AM

Answering questions from fans, William Shatner said that he "truly love[s]" Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy but refused to give a clear assessment of President Bush, nor to imagine what retirement might be like. But more importantly to current fans of the franchise, he said he thought chances were "fair, at least" that he would appear on Star Trek: Enterprise.

At his official web site, the Captain Kirk mentioned that having a director with a strong vision was more important to him as an actor than working with someone who might improve his performance skills, adding that he believes he has learned something from everyone he has ever worked with. Even so, he said he remains puzzled why some of the original Trek cast members have expressed hard feelings towards him and has tried to smooth things over with them.

Shatner called himself "heartbroken" over the death of DeForest Kelley (McCoy) calling him a good friend, though he said that his best friend is his wife: "I know she won’t sell the story to the tabloids." He said he hoped to work on another Priceline commercial with Nimoy in the near future. He labeled gratitude his principal emotion in having been cast as Kirk, saying that it was "a wonderful series, a great part for me." Asked if he would like to play Shakespeare's King Lear, Shatner joked, "I've thought of it. Then I sat down and had a good talk with myself and decided to get a hold of myself."

USA Today also posted an interview with Shatner in which the actor discussed his horse farm, his role on Boston Legal, his new CD Has Been, and upcoming appearances such as the sequel to Miss Congeniality and the reality stunt show Invasion Iowa.

However, the paper quoted Shatner as saying that an appearance on Enterprise was unlikely because Paramount did not wish to meet his salary demands. "They gasped. I haven't heard back," he said. He reiterated that he had no plans to leave acting any time soon, though. "I love this, so why would I quit?"

Shatner's Q&A with his community of fans will continue next week at his web site, while the USA Today article is here.

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