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Ron Moore Joins CarnivŠle

By Lisa
November 20, 2002 - 12:08 AM

Former Deep Space Nine co-executive producer Ronald D. Moore yesterday announced that he has joined the team behind supernatural series CarnivŠle.

"At the moment, I'm running a new show for HBO called CarnivŠle which will premiere either summer or fall '03," Moore wrote on an AOL message board, via The Great Link.

"It's pretty out there in terms of subject matter (thank God for HBO) and it's a really exciting project to be working on," he said.

CarnivŠle revolves around a group of carnival workers in the 1930s, and will air on HBO. It will star Enterprise's John Fleck (Silik) as Gecko the Snake Man, as well as Trek alumni Adrienne Barbeau (Senator Cretak in DS9's 'Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges') and Clancy Brown (Zobral in Enterprise's 'Desert Crossing').

Earlier this year, Barbeau gave her view of the series. "It's sort of an epic good-versus-evil story, as personified by satanic evangelists and carny workers during the Depression in the Dust Bowl," the actress said. "We've got the dwarf, and we've got the giant, literally, and the Siamese twins and the lizard man and the strong man and the bearded lady and the psychic. It deals a lot with metaphysics and the supernatural."

Moore went on to look back on his Star Trek days. "I had a ball doing the DVD interviews for the TNG box sets and I hope I get a chance to do the same for the DS9 sets as well," he said.

"I was talking to Ira Behr just last week and even though we've moved on in our careers (Ira is running Twilight Zone) we still look back on our time at Deep Space as that 'bright shining moment.' It really was Camelot for the writing staff and I miss both the people I worked with and the characters themselves very much."

More from Ron Moore can be found on this page at the Great Link.

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