'Subspace Echoes' Number 7

By Amy
November 19, 2000 - 2:59 PM

Today sees the latest edition of the Fandom 'Subspace Echoes' column, by STC writer Ariel, online. In this week's edition, number seven, Ariel talks about the potential for a DS9 movie – or lack there of, the latest bout of 'Janeway should die' comments, Andromeda and last week's Voyager episode, 'Body and Soul'.

I am referring, of course, to "Body and Soul," in case you didn't guess. This was a terrific episode. I can't remember when I've had so much fun watching Voyager. Jeri Ryan was superb. Her impersonation of The Doctor was right on target. In fact, she did The Doctor better than The Doctor does! According to Picardo, in an interview currently published on the official Star Trek site, the crew agreed. Poor Harry was at wits end the whole episode, but The Doctor, in Seven's body, was having the time of his life. From the looks of it, so was Jeri. Picardo quotes her as saying: "It`s a lot of fun being you." It certainly was fun watching her, and it was great seeing her get to spread her wings. Yet by far my favorite scene was the expression on The Doctor's face when she accused him of getting sexually aroused in her body. Oh-oh! Busted! (chuckle).

I also loved the way Janeway handled the hostile but outgunned Lokirrim ship. Giving them the option of escorting Voyager through their space or being destroyed, the Lokirrim made the only logical choice. I was as amused as Janeway seemed to be when they fell for her bluff—of course she wouldn't have really destroyed them, it's not the Starfleet way. But they didn't know that. It was wonderful to see Mulgrew having fun being the captain. Tom's innovative solution to Tuvok's "illness" was great as well, and served Tuvok far better, in my opinion, than any amount of medicine would have. I was wondering when Tuvok would go into Pon farr. It has been quite a while since he has been home. My only beef is an in answered question (for me anyway): If the Lokirrim photonics rebelled, one would think they would have to have had mobile emitters of some sort. If so, why didn't the Lokirrim recognize The Doctor's mobile emitter for what it was? Granted their technology was inferior to that which made The Doctor's emitter, but it seems to be a bit of a plothole to me. Still, I'm not complaining. All in all this was an extremely enjoyable show. I even watched it twice--something I almost never do with Voyager!

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