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By Caillan
October 19, 2003 - 11:10 PM

Hello World!

I hate to say this, but I've become addicted to Australian Idol. Sunday night performances are now appointment viewing in our house, as we gather around the television to criticise the contestants, judges and the lame hosts.

Then there's the Monday night heartbreak when one contestant has to go...a 5-minute show that's strectched out into an hour through some of the most ridiculous procrastinating devices known to man. Yes, it's reality television at is most opportunistic, as contestants are forced to get up and sing their song again once they've been voted off and the cameras zoom into their faces as we watch their hearts break live on national television.

Speaking of reality television, I'm finding Survivor: Pearl Islands a little disappointing, especially compared to The Amazon (though it's better than the televised embarrassment known as Australian Survivor). No really interesting characters have emerged in the first three weeks, and since Morgan have been consistently losing, we've been spending more time there than in Drake. I think Rupert is the only Drake team member I know the name of. And Morgan's losing streak is worringly like Australian Survivor, where one tribe was reduced to three people going into the merge and the next several weeks were as predictable as an episode of Blue Heelers. I miss my Amazing Race!

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