First 'Drive' Reviews

By Christian
October 19, 2000 - 10:45 PM

  • Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse's Mania Magazine has put up her review of 'Drive', which she thought was an excellent episode for Harry Kim, though the actions of other characters left quite a bit to be desired:

    "Drive" is a really excellent Harry Kim episode. He's a good sport, he has a sense of humor about his own failings, he can take good-natured jokes about his pathetic love life. In a crunch, he defends himself against an enemy who has him at a grave disadvantage. Then he single-handedly figures out her scheming, thus saving his shipmates and the peaceful aliens. In an episode obsessed with naming a winner, Kim deserves highest honors.

    Most regrettably, Kim didn't get nearly as much screen time as the Paris/Torres romance. Now that they're married, I hope they fall into the traditional cliched image of married couples and become asexual, because their kissy-kissy routine is intolerable. Paris is a snotty, self-centered brat. His explanation that he didn't think B'Elanna liked mushy stuff doesn't come close to excusing his suggestion that she recite, "I am not the pilot, I will not attempt to fly this ship," in penance for her attempt to win a race that's of such importance to him. Oh, Paris wants to win, all right. . .but apparently only if he gets all the credit for the victory. From his actions over the past two years, particularly the number of engineering recommendations he's made even though Torres is the chief engineer, it's evident that he can't tolerate the idea she might be better than him at something.

    A full analysis, as well as a summary of the episode, can be found by following this link.

  • Michael Marek at Cinescape has also put up his review of the episode, and he thought all the characters' stories worked fairly well. In the review, he calls 'Drive' "the best Voyager episode we've seen in quite a while."

  • Also fairly positive is O. Deus at TrekWeb, who in his review doesn't say the episode is a great one, but that it is "a fun one and that's all it was ever meant to be."

  • And finally, staff reviewer Bonnie Malmat at Section 31 didn't like the episode at all, awarding it a rating of just 4 out of 10:

    This episode rated a 4 out of 10 for me – or a "C-". The idea of a race is unoriginal, and it just doesn't ring true that "gee, we just happened to stumble upon a bunch of people who want to race!" Strange way to cement relationships after warfare. The "B" story – of the problems between Tom and B'Elanna, was worse.

    Read on here.

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