Brannon Braga Question & Answer Session Results

By Amy
October 19, 2000 - 7:50 AM has posted the first set of answers in the question-and-answer series with the man himself, announced several weeks ago. Braga fields questions on a variety of subjects, including the ultimate Voyager mystery: what ever happened to the Borg Baby from 'Collective'?

Question: If you could do one more Star Trek story, and budgets, schedules and egos were not an issue, what would it be about?

Iain Cochrane - U.K.

Answer: Honestly, we have a very generous budget and schedule - and egos are never a problem on our show. We've been able to produce very BIG shows very well. Of course, I would like to do more shows with epic scope, like "Dark Frontier", every week, but even that would get boring for the viewers. The one thing that I would love to change is TIME. We could use more hours in the day to write the scripts. There's always a lot of pressure.

Question: Whatever happened to the Borg baby?

Mary Wiecek - Columbus, Ohio - USA

Answer:The Borg baby was prepared in a delicious orange glaze sauce by Neelix. Just kidding. The baby was returned to its people, which you did not see depicted in an episode. We considered showing it onscreen, but decided it would be best to focus on the remaining Borg kids. They have given us some great story material so far.

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