Star Trek: Hypertext 'Imperfection' Review

By Amy
October 19, 2000 - 7:07 AM

Jamahl Epsicokhan has updated his Star Trek: Hypertext site with his review of 'Imperfection'. Jammer thought it was a solid story, even though Voyager's "been to similar places with Seven".

"Ryan, Picardo, and Mulgrew put in their typically good performances, but the surprise here is Manu Intiraymi as Icheb, who comes up with a risky plan that might be able to save Seven -- donating his own cortical node, which his research indicates he can probably survive without. The risks bring out the hard choices; Seven will not hear of Icheb risking his life, so Icheb simply forces the issue in an urgently played scene. Intiraymi adequately carries a meatier role here than he has to date, including in last season's "Child's Play." (Icheb as of now is also the last of the Borg children; at the episode's outset the three other children have said their goodbyes, having been given a new home with a passerby family.)

I also was impressed with the sincere dialog between Seven and Torres about the question of belief in an afterlife. These two characters really share a good moment here ... although the episode misses a key opportunity when it seems to completely forget B'Elanna's near-death experience a year ago in "Barge of the Dead." (A real shame, too, because this scene was perfectly appropriate for such a reference. But such references are apparently illegal on the studio lot.) There's some compelling talk of Seven fearing her death will result in total oblivion: In the collective her memories would live on through the hive mind, but that's of course no longer possible.

"Imperfection" is a solid story with some well-sold emotions and a situation that can be recognized to some degree as real life, even if not necessarily yours or mine. What "Imperfection" is not is particularly unexpected. We've been to similar places with Seven (indeed, we've been probably everywhere with Seven), and even though a Seven/Janeway or Seven/Icheb scene can still be very good, it also feels like an iteration of a Voyager staple."

For the full review, follow the link to Star Trek: Hypertext.

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