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Abrams Never Offered Me Cameo Says Shatner

By T'Bonz
September 19, 2008 - 2:30 AM

William Shatner's new video blog made its appearance on YouTube and Shatner took the opportunity to deny that he had ever been offered a cameo in Star Trek XI.

As reported by the Shatner Project, in one of three new video blogs today, Shatner addressed the recent statement by J.J. Abrams that Shatner had been offered a cameo but refused wishing instead to have a more prominent role in Star Trek XI. "J.J., nobody every came to me and said 'We have a cameo,' OK? Maybe you wrote it, but it never presented itself to me."

A cameo wouldn't have worked out for Shatner anyhow but not because he would have turned it down. "...The truth is, I wouldn't have wanted to do a cameo, because that you would have clipped that out. It doesn't fit. You said in your statement you were having trouble fitting it in anyway. But nobody every asked me and I'm just sorry that I am not in your wonderful movie and I would have loved to have been in it."

Shatner left the door open for future appearances of Captain Kirk though. "If you make another one maybe you can think of ways of bringing Captain Kirk back to life. I brought him back to life in one of my books, very easily," explained Shatner, who described how resurrecting Kirk could be done. "...the machine where you suck in air with the molecules of Captain Kirk hovers and you reassemble from the molecular structure...and then you throw the switch on the right, you know, the one on the right, you throw that switch and then when that switch is done, you throw the one on the left and out comes Captain Kirk reassembled."

We're not so far from assembling the DNA of long-dead creatures now, said Shatner, so why not a recently deceased Captain Kirk three hundred years from now? "We've got DNA of dinosaurs of 160 million years old, we're trying to right now with our primitive, we're are not talking about 2300 now, we are talking about 2008," explained Shatner. "We are trying to assemble the DNA of a 160 million year old being. And we think we can do it. You don't think you can get Captain Kirk back to life?"

Two other videos were on Shatner's new vblog; one of them welcoming fans to the new project, the other explaining why (and how,) Shatner performed "Rocket Man." Shatner had a simple explanation for the now infamous rendition of the Elton John song. "I never intended it to see the light of day," he said.

To see the three videos, head to the link located here.

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