Roddenberry, Doohan Homes For Sale

By Michelle
September 19, 2006 - 8:53 PM

The original home of Gene Roddenberry is up for sale, as is the final home of James Doohan (Scotty). reported that Roddenberry's birthplace in El Paso, Texas, and Doohan's house in Redmond, Washington are both on the market. Roddenberry lived at 1907 E. Yandell Drive in El Paso, which has since housed a flower shop, but the storefront is presently empty.

The seller, a Star Trek fan, said he want4ed to reach out to the fan community to determine whether there was interest before putting the property on the commercial market. Joe Dyoub said he hoped to find an owner interested in opening a Star Trek-themed café or souvenir shop.

Doohan's suburban Seattle home is for sale by his widow, Wende Doohan, who said that she and their daughter Sarah needed to move to a smaller home. The Doohans moved into the French farmhouse-style house on James Doohan's 75th birthday. The home, which is on a five-acre lot, is listed for more than $1 million.

More information plus links to photos and real estate agents may be found here.

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