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Full Nemesis Theatrical Trailer Online

By Lisa
September 19, 2002 - 6:11 PM

Yesterday saw the launch of the second brand new promotional teaser trailer for 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

The trailer aired on UPN last night, after 'Shockwave, Part II'. At two minutes in length, the promo shows a generous amount of footage from the upcoming movie. It will soon feature in cinemas across the US, showing before 'The Four Feathers' this weekend.

Courtesy of MediaTrek, the full promo has been made available online. For those with limited bandwidth, here's a complete transcript:

'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Close-up of a blue eyeball.]
[Stars radiate from the centre of the eye.]
Shinzon: (off-screen) "Our eyes depict our lives, don't they?"
[The centre of the pupil enlarges to Picard and other crew members approaching a dais.]
[The screen goes black as the music swells.]
[Shinzon stands on the dais, Picard watches.]
Shinzon: "I can see, as well as you can."
[The eyeball blinks and then radiates an explosion.]
[A planet explodes in a burst of fire.]
[A green device opens, and fades into a large Romulan city.] 'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures
Shinzon: "I can feel everything you feel."
[The camera circles to reveal Shinzon seated in a darkened chamber.]
[Back to Shinzon on the dais.]
Shinzon: "In fact, I can feel..."
[For the first time, we get a Close-up of Shinzon's face in plain light.]
Shinzon: "Exactly what you feel."
[Close-up of Picard, concerned.]
[The eyeball blinks again, to reveal a Paramount logo.]
[The Enterprise in space, facing a cloaked Romulan ship.]
[Close-up of Picard, walking towards the camera.]
Picard: "He said he's a mirror for me."
[Picard's features morph into those of Shinzon.]
Picard: (Off-screen) "I need to know where the hell he came from." 'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Shinzon approaches Picard, who looks stern.]
Shinzon: "The same blood runs through our veins."
[Medical graphics on a terminal, including two matching DNA strands.]
[The Enterprise in a space dock, over Earth.]
[Shot of Picard speaking to Troi.]
Picard: "It was as if a part of me had been stolen."
[Shot of Picard and Data.]
[Picard is surprised as he is enveloped in a green transporter beam.]



'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

[Close-up of Shinzon leaning forward to kiss someone.]
[The shot widens and we see he is lying on Troi.]
[In a chamber, the Reman Viceroy has his hands on Shinzon's temples.]
[Close-up of Shinzon's face, in amazed expression of wonder.]
Shinzon: "I can feel your hunger."
[Shinzon makes love to Troi.]



[Close-up of Data's eye.]
[The eye jerks and we see Data seated.]
[The shot turns and we see B-9 is seated directly behind him. The two are connected.]
Data: "I must deactivate you."
[B-9 is restrained. Data faces him.]
B-9: "Why?"
Data: "Because you are dangerous."
[Shot of Geordi, his hands upon a console.]
[Data, a determined expression on his face, fires a phaser.]


'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

Viceroy (voice-over): "Look in the mirror..."
[Picard, his expression grave.]
[Shot of Crusher, examining B-9 over a table. They smile at each other.]
[Data walks towards them, puzzled.]
Viceroy (voice-over): "... and see yourself!"
[Shot of Troi, eyes closed in a turbolift.]
[Overcome, she falls to the floor and hold her head in her hands.]


[Close-up of Shinzon in a Reman alcove, looking drained.]
[Close-up of Picard]
Picard: "I'm a mirror for you as well."
Shinzon: "Don't be so vain."
[Shinzon turns away.] 'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Cut to the Romulan Senate building.]
[We see green circles of energy fly outward from a device towards the roof of the chamber.]
[A Romulan cries out.]
[A ship fires.]
[A wall explodes from the shot and Reman soldiers are rocked as it collapses.]
[Picard and Data inside the vessel.]
[The ship maneuvers through the collapsed wall.]


'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

[On Kolarus III a small, mobile attack ship glides above the ground.]
[Worf, in the back of a land vehicle, fires a weapon.]
[His shot hits ground between several chasing vehicles.]
[One explodes, and we see it turn over.]


[The Enterprise, in a green nebula, surrounded by Romulan ships.]
[The Enterprise flies towards the camera, firing phasers.]
[We see the shot hit a Romulan ship.]
[An explosion rocks the Enterprise bridge.]
[A hunk of debris flies from the saucer section and hits a nacelle.]


'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures

[The camera races towards Picard, standing on the Enterprise bridge.]
[A ship races down a corridor, we see it force its way outside a larger vessel.]


[A Horizontal cage device rolls towards the camera.]
[The cage contains Riker and the Reman Viceroy, fighting.]
[Close-up of Riker.]
Riker: "No!"
[The cage tumbles down.]
[A figure falls into space as Riker's shout echoes.]
[The screen goes black.]
Shinzon: "Set a course for Earth." 'Star Trek Nemesis' trailer - courtesy MediaTrek.com, copyright Paramount Pictures
[Close-up of Shinzon, looking battered. Sparks fly from consoles around him.]
Shinzon: "Kill everything."
[The Enterprise rams into a Reman ship.]
[The bridge is rocked under the impact.]
[Explosions on the bridge, people fly from their seats.]
[A figure flies through a hole in the hull, screaming.]
[The Enterprise continues to slam into the enemy ship, hull plating peeling off.]
[A massive explosion.]
[The explosion morphs into 'Star Trek Nemesis' logo.]


[Camera moves over the head of the Romulan logo.]


The complete promo is available to download, at 20.2 MB in MPG format from one of the following sites:

  • ST-Media has the file in MPG and RealMedia formats.

  • InSciFi.net has the full trailer in mpg format.

  • MediaTrek has the file and links to more mirrors for those who might have trouble downloading.

MediaTrek has also posted a special notice that it is looking for donations to cover the rather large cost of hosting its media files. More details and information on how to help can be found here.

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