'Drive' Rumours Resurface

By Christian
September 19, 2000 - 7:32 PM

Over at Fandom, Michelle Erica Green has put up a new edition of her weekly 'Hailing Frequencies' column. This week, she not only presents us with the latest news round-up and a book review, but also includes some rumours on the upcoming Voyager episode 'Drive'.

According to a recent report at Fandom's Star Trek Central, the previously announced wedding between B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris would take place about 2/3 of the way through Voyager's final season. However, according to one of Green's sources, the couple will actually wed at the end of 'Drive', in what is described as an "unconventional ceremony". According to Green's source, Torres and Paris reach the decision to marry and actually accomplish the wedding within a brief few minutes at the end of 'Drive', an episode which for the rest mostly deals with a race in the Delta Flyer. This info would seem to be fit in with earlier info about 'Drive', as in late July it was also already rumoured that the couple would wed in that episode, though later it was reported that they would just be engaged in 'Drive', with the wedding taking place later. The episode is scheduled to air in less than a month, so we'll undoubtedly find out then.

Other things in this week's Hailing Frequencies column include the usual summary of major Trek news, highlights from an interview with Michael Westmore that appeared in the British Star Trek Monthly, and finally a review of the new 'Aliens and Artifacts' book. Click here to read it all.

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