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By Christian
September 19, 2000 - 7:13 PM

Hello World!

There's definitely something really weird about visiting TrekToday in the morning and seeing news updates on the site that weren't in fact posted by me. Fortunately Star Trek news appears to have been fairly slow over the past few days, so we've had a chance to ease into this new situation. Of course, at the same time the amount of Andromeda news seemed to explode (there were five news items on SlipstreamNews yesterday, more than ever), so that cancelled the lack of Trek news out a bit, but still it's nothing compared to how much news there will undoubtedly be when the new Voyager season starts again.

Meanwhile, I've discovered another way to waste my time which I probably shouldn't tell you about, but as I ruined my reputation a few days ago already with my first 'Hello World!' about Big Brother I doubt this can do much more damage. While surfing the net, I found this really useful program called BBSpy. What it does is collect all three live streams from the Big Brother house and display them in one easy-to-use interface, allowing quick switches between the audio channels. It's actually running in the background as I type this, meaning I get to hear housemate Mohammed Ali and some other guy do voice imitations while playing table tennis. I really hope I'll lose interest in this quickly - last year I had the video streams on in the background almost all day after I discovered them, but then I stopped watching altogether a few weeks later. Hopefully I'll be bored this time around in a few days as well - otherwise I'm sure you'll all run away screaming from the Site Columns the next time.

[Update, 21:29:] And in a rare twist of fate, I'm actually able to turn this Hello World into an on-topic post. Leo, one of the Big Brother housemates, just revealed that his nickname for internet games is in fact 'Worf'. Yes, I'll shut up now.

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Yes, the Mac version 5.6% - (39 Votes)
If I had a computer 2.1% - (15 Votes)

Total Votes: 690

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