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Digital Domain To Create 'Nemesis' FX?

By Caillan
August 19, 2001 - 12:13 PM

The visual effects contract for Trek X is rumoured to have been given to Academy-Award winning effects company Digital Domain, according to a new insider report.

Ain't It Cool News's source 'Moriarty' stated that the company will handle all FX duties on the film. Digital Domain's resume of effects work is wide and varied and includes over twenty feature films. In addition to working on down-to-earth matter such as 'Titantic' and 'Conspiracy Theory,' the company has had previous experience on the science fiction films 'Armageddon,' 'X-Men' and 'Red Planet.'

The company has been honoured numerous times for its effects work, winning Oscars for the films 'What Dreams May Come' and 'Titanic.' Additionally, it won awards from the British Academy Of Film And Televison Arts for 'The Fifth Element' and 'Apollo 13.'

In addition to its feature work, Digital Domain has created visual effects for Clio-award winning commercials and The Rolling Stones music video, 'Love Is Strong.'

The first two TNG films utilised long-standing visual effects house ILM, while the contract passed to Blue Sky/VIFX for 'Insurrection.' Please note that this has not yet been officially confirmed by Paramount, and until then should be treated as you would any rumour.

In addition to the above rumour, Aint It Cool News published a new script review that hailed the film as "imaginative" and "well-written."

"I was pleasantly surprised," wrote Ain't It Cool News reviewer 'Dr Strangeluv' after reading a copy of the script. "The draft I received of 'Nemesis' was imaginative, well written, and will act as a proper (if necessary) send-off for the Next Generation cast. While it was not the best movie script I've ever read, with the proper tweaking, it could well become the best Trek film to date."

While not examining the film in detail, the thematic underpinnings of the Picard/Shinzon and Data/B-9 character arcs particularly impressed the reviwer. "Data's attitude and feelings toward B-9, his android brother, seem to bring semi-closure to his ongoing quest to be human," he wrote. "It also serves to make his final demise all the more emotional (it could've been a more noble sacrifice though). All in all, it served to tie the movie together as a cohesive unit when used in comparison with Picard/Shinzon."

Rounding out his commentary, 'Dr Strangeluv' wrote that "if Trek XI is this original and inventive, we could have a bright new frontier to look forward to."

The full review can be found here at Ain't It Cool News. Thanks to Tiberius for this!

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