Andromeda Bullets

By Lisa
August 19, 2001 - 11:45 AM

Even though the series is currently on hiatus, there have been some exciting developments in the world of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda in the last few weeks. Here's the latest news on the series, courtesy of our sister site, SlipstreamWeb.

  • First Season Two Promo Online
    Get a first glimpse of Andromeda's second season in two brand new promos available to download now. For those with limited bandwidth, we've provided full transcripts with lots of screenshots. You can find a report on the unofficial trailer by following this link.

  • Andromeda Trading Card Preview.
    Images of the first Andromeda trading cards are now available online. The full range is expected to be released in November. Inkworks, the company behind the cards promises that the cards will feature "complete episodic coverage," behind the scenes shots, autographs and more.

  • Sorbo Talks Season Two
    The actor behind Captain Dylan hunt talked to Starburst Magazine about some new enemies to appear in the new season. "We're going to introduce a brand new enemy," he said. "A nasty new crop of villains called the Pyrians. Their name is sort of taken from 'pyro' as they are very fiery looking creatures - a computer generated species. Their introduction kind of ties in with Trance's story because she's being bothered - not by these Pyrians - but by other people who don't like her kind," Sorbo said. "We're dealing with a little racism and issues like that."

  • Andromeda Action Figures Previewed.
    Tribune Entertainment displayed two of the prototype dolls produced by BBI, at the San Diego Comic Con. Each figure stands 12 inches high, is fully poseable, and comes complete with gears and accessories. Currently, only figures of Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine, Tyr Anasazi and Rev Bem have been produced, and are expected to hit stores later in the year.

  • Gordon Michael Woolvett Becomes A Father.
    The Seamus Harper actor is now the proud father of Rogan Woolvett, a baby boy born on July 31st at 3:20 p.m. "The whole thing is crazy-life-changing in a heart-string tugging kind of way. Holy smokes, guess I'm a proud Dad doncha know," said the new Dad.

  • Two New Titles Revealed
    There's already a long list of completed scripts waiting for the Andromeda crew when they return from hiatus. Two new episodes to add to the list are 'The Fair Unknown' and 'Immaculate Perception'. More information about the season two episodes can be found in the SlipstreamWeb Episode Guide.

All the latest Andromeda news can be found at our sister site, SlipstreamWeb.

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