Ryan Looks Forward To Boston Public

By Lisa
July 19, 2001 - 6:09 PM

Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) placed one condition on her starring role in Boston Public. "There will be no rubber glued to my face. I made sure of that."

The actress had originally planned to take a break after four years onboard Voyager, but Boston Public creator David E. Kelley made her an offer she could not refuse. "He wrote it for me, which is a huge honour," Ryan told Zap2it at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena on July 18th. "He told me nothing [about the character]. He said, 'Come on, I'm on hiatus. Give me a break.'"

Now that she is getting ready to start filming, she has been told a little more about her character, called Ronnie Cooke. As reported previously, she will play a disgruntled former corporate lawyer who sees her new teaching job as her true vocation. Her legal background is set to create problems, as will her unfamiliarity with the school system. For instance, if her character recommends a book to her class, she will go out and buy copies for them all.

"It's a character-driven show," Ryan told the New York Post. "It's not just showing them in the school. It's showing that these teachers are real people and they've got very full lives like all of us."

Though the actress remembered her time on Voyager fondly, she told Zap2it her new role will present a new challenge. "Star Trek was very much a cerebral exercise," she said. "This is going to be an emotional challenge."

More about Ryan's new role in Boston Public can be found in the original article at Zap2it, or here at the New York Post.

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