'Voyager' Children Interview

By Christian
July 19, 2000 - 11:42 PM

Noelle Hay at Space.com has put up a report from the recent FantastiCon convention, which took place this weekend in Los Angeles. Present at the con were Kurt and Cody Wetherill, Marley McClean and Manu Intirayni, who play the four Borg children on Voyager, and Scarlet Pomers (Naomi Wildman). Here's a short quote from the report, in which Pomers talks about life on the 'Voyager' set:

Scarlet has the distinction of being one of the series regulars, and most often, the only child on the set. With "Child's Play," Scarlet had the opportunity to act and be with other children her age. She shared a story about how the onset teacher stepped out of the room while the children were mixing and matching heads from cutout figures.

"Seven of Nine's body ended up with Neelix's head," she said with a giggle.

The children spoke of a special attachment to Ethan Phillips, who portrays Neelix. Addressing his antics on and off camera, Kurt (Azan) said he "makes funny faces behind the camera to try and get you to laugh." Scarlet added that he made the children necklaces out of fake veggies from Neelix's kitchen.

For the full interview, please follow this link.

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