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Park Wished For Greater Closure for Sato

By Michelle
June 18, 2005 - 1:32 PM

Linda Park said that she would be forever grateful to fans who supported Star Trek: Enterprise and said that while she has no regrets about how her character, Ensign Hoshi Sato, developed over the course of the show's four seasons, she is sorry that she may never know what happens next to the crew.

"To be honest, there were split feelings," she said of the series' cancellation to Starburst (via "Some people were upset about it and other people were ready to move on. It kind of feels like graduating high school...itís nice to leave to leave on such a good note."

Park credited executive producer Manny Coto with creating a fourth season that appealed to the fans and got "into a real groove" by using connecting storylines to the original Star Trek. "He knows all the little ins and little details, and that made Enterprise fun to be part of and fun to watch," she explained. As for the controversial last episode, "These Are the Voyages...", she added, "I would probably say that I'd wished for more closure for the main [Enterprise] characters, that isn't necessarily there. So I'll be interested to see how the fans feel about the finale."

"It's not so much about not knowing" what happens to Sato, she continued. "It's a matter of, 'Well where are they all going now? What's going to happen to them?' We don't get a sense of's not written like the end to me."

Park, who has a personal and professional relationship with Tom Hardy (Shinzon), is working on scripts for their theatre company and would like to star in a play with him. She said that she would like to travel and "slow down" before committing to another television series.

For more, including her favourite episodes, see the original article in Issue #69 of Starburst. These excerpts are from

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