Drexler: Give The Producers A Break!

By Lisa
June 19, 2001 - 10:40 PM

When fans are dissatisfied, the people left to bear much of their grievances are the producers. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga are often first in the firing line. But according to Enterprise junior illustrator Doug Drexler, the fans need to cut the creative team a little slack.

"How many Star Trek episodes are we talking about at this point? Almost 600? The fans have got to give the producers a break," he said, in a new question and answer session organised by the LCARS Computer Network.

"Roddenberry himself would be hard pressed after that many shows to continue without changing the formula just for varietyís sake. It is only natural that Rick Berman and associates take a chance and experiment with the format. You can't damn them for that. I defy anyone to keep it going as nicely as it has been!"

According to Drexler, the next Trek series should delight the more discerning Trek fan. "The next show returns to original roots!" he said. "I myself am impressed with Enterprise. It's the first time since TOS that I feel like we are exploring the unknown! No kidding! Bakula is awesome!"

The illustrator had to keep tight-lipped about his work as a junior illustrator for Enterprise. But he did talk about the design philosophy that we will soon see behind his work on the show. "On Enterprise there is a calculated retro design ethic that I think goes a long way to make the new show fit into the timeline," he said. "On the other hand, there are places where we had to take advantage of advances in the technology available to us in order to make the show better. For instance, the level of sophistication in the Enterprise's graphics is greater than previously seen. We have to take advantage of the new tools that are available to us."

This retro feel about the new show has many guessing about the computer interfaces that will be seen on Enterprise. Previous comments by designers have said that buttons and switches will replace more familiar types of interfaces. "Buttons and switches engage in a very definite way that you do not get from touch sensitive panels," Drexler commented. "[The] interfaces of Enterprise are the most realistic yet and you will be able to see where they are going in the future and where they have been in the past."

Drexler's enthusiasm for the next Star Trek series is very vibrant. It seems he is looking forward to Captain Archer's adventures as much as the most positive of fans. "I'm happy about it! There is soooooo much good stuff just waiting to be elaborated on!" he exclaimed. "If the original Trek was 'Wagon Train To The Stars,' then this Trek is 'How The West Was Won.'"

You can read more from Doug Drexler, including a discussion of his past work and his favourite Starship, in the question and Answer session here at the LCARS Computer Network.

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