UPN Places 'Enterprise' Billboard

By Christian
June 19, 2001 - 6:16 PM

Signifying the passing of the torch, UPN has replaced its Los Angeles billboard promoting the end of Star Trek: Voyager with one announcing Enterprise.

'Enterprise' Billboard The billboard is placed in West Los Angeles in one of the busier streets of the city, near UPN's network headquarters. It was placed by UPN 13, the affiliate that will be bringing Enterprise to LA next season.

The now-familiar Enterprise logo is the main feature on the billboard, along with the sentence "The new Star Trek series coming this Fall." To see a larger version of the above photo, please follow this link to the official Star Trek site.

Before Enterprise, this billboard featured a high-tech advertisement for Voyager's final episodes. This banner originally just showed the Voyager ship and logo to the sides, with the center of the billboard hidden behind a veil. Later on, this was removed to show the entire Voyager crew, while special laser effects were also added to the billboard.

In addition to this billboard, UPN has also started promoting the show on its own web site. The site now features a small section on Enterprise, though the information on it is basically the same promo text included in the recent UPN press kits (story). Thanks go out to the Trekker Newsletter for the web site pointer!

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