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'Variety': UPN Will Renew 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
May 19, 2004 - 1:46 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise will return to UPN next season, though likely on Friday nights, a major trade magazine reported.

Variety's Josef Adalian and Michael Schneider reported (via Yahoo News) that UPN would renew the series.

"UPN...let 'Star Trek: Enterprise' fans rest a little easier: Skein's been renewed for a fourth season, though it's likely on the move to Friday," noted the report, which included no further details.

The WB yesterday announced (via The Futon Critic) that Smallville, Enterprise's genre competition in its current timeslot, would remain on Wednesday nights at 8, making a move likely. Moreover, ABC announced (also via The Futon Critic) that its action series Lost would run on Wednesdays at 8.

The Variety article noted that Fox is likely to try two action shows on Friday nights, an undercover cop drama, The Inside, and Jonny Zero, while The Futon Critic reported that ABC would run comedies on Friday night.

Two fan reports unofficially confirm Enterprise's renewal. As previously reported, SaveEnterprise.com was told that the series would be renewed. A source also told The IESB that Enterprise would return.

Until UPN formally announces its fall lineup tomorrow, however, all information must be considered hearsay.

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