New 'Shockwave' Photo Galleries

By Christian
May 19, 2002 - 7:02 PM

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'Shockwave' - copyright Paramount Pictures Paramount this week released several new photo galleries from Enterprise's first-season finale, 'Shockwave'.

In 'Shockwave,' the Enterprise is ordered home by Starfleet after the crew is thought to have caused the destruction of an alien planet they were exploring. But soon Archer is visited by former crewman Daniels, who warns him the Suliban are trying to sabotage Enterprise's mission. The two embark on a time-travel mission to stop the Suliban.

'Shockwave' - copyright Paramount Pictures In the picture above, Archer can be seen together with Daniels. In the picture to the left, Trip, T'Pol and Archer can be seen exploring unknown territory.

A day before the 'Shockwave' television debut on Wednesday, Paramount will celebrate the successful completion of the first season with a special advance screening of the finale. The episode will be shown on a special big screen and will be attended by both the crew and several members of the Enterprise cast. A report of the screening will undoubtedly appear online sometime next week.

Already online are six more photos from 'Shockwave,' released yesterday by the official Star Trek site. Below is a look at two of those photos:

'Shockwave' - copyright Paramount Pictures 'Shockwave' - copyright Paramount Pictures

Four more photos from 'Shockwave,' including more featuring Daniels and the Suliban, please follow this link. 'Shockwave' itself will air on UPN on Wednesday, at 8:00pm.

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