Future's End: Voyager's Cast Says Goodbye

By Caillan
May 19, 2001 - 11:36 AM

Next Wednesday, May 23rd, at 10pm Eastern time, the crew of the starship Voyager will take their final curtain call. But for the actors who portrayed these characters over the past seven years, it all ended last month. Since then, they've been out and about, talking about their time in the Delta Quadrant and their feelings on the end of the series.  'TV Guide Cover' - courtesy TV Guide, copyright TV Guide

  • In addition to a recent feature in the US TV Guide, the latest edition of the Canadian TV Guide contains an article about the end of the series, with reflections from several of the actors involved.

    "Our show is better each year," Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) told Brian Hartigan. "Sometimes that comfort level can breed complacency, not that we've reached that, but you want to leave while still on your best game."

    Both McNeill and Tim Russ (Tuvok), may not be straying far from the Paramount lot, however, as they're both keen to direct episodes of the new series, Enterprise. "I'll certainly be putting in my bid to direct episodes of the new series," Russ said. "If there are any guest spots for me, I'd be more than happy."

    Robert Picardo (The Doctor) wasn't too optimistic about being allowed to keep any mementoes from the set. "I think that the moment they call 'cut' [during 'Endgame'] they're going to come and tear our clothes right off and sell them," he said. "I'll be lucky to keep my own sideburns." Ethan Phillips (Neelix), on the other hand, said he'd like to take Seven of Nine home.

    The full article, which includes some slight 'Endgame' spoilers, can be found in the latest edition of the Canadian TV Guide. Thanks to Totally Kate! for the transcript.

  • Star Trek is a "great family," Robert Duncan McNeill told Boston radio personality Howie Carr on his regular talk show.

    The Trek influence has spread so far and wide that McNeill found himself on the set of his new horror movie, 'Infested,' with several big fans amongst the cast and crew. During breaks from filming, they would get together and act out scenes from The Original Series episodes, complete with hummed renditions of the music. McNeill himself performed some of this music on the show.

    Soon after filming had wrapped on Voyager, Paramount found out that Stage 9, which housed corridors, Sickbay, Engineering and the Cargo Bay, had been "falling apart." The basic structure of those sets had stood there since 1977, when they were constructed in anticipation of the aborted Phase II series. Mc Neill told listeners that the building had been condemned, and that it was good they got out while it was still standing.

    When asked whether he was concerned about typecasting, McNeill said that he thought this was no longer an issue due to the options available to actors nowadays. The actor added that he would don his uniform once more if there was to be a movie made up of cast members from different series. "I think it would be great," he said.

    Thanks go out to PJ for sending us a full report!

  • Robert Picardo also appeared on the airwaves recently, speaking to AP Radio.

    "It's gone by in the blink of an eye," the actor said of his seven year stint as the Holodoc. "I guess that's because it's been a wonderful experience."

    Picardo also talked about his time on the convention circuit. "To the loyal fans of Star Trek, we've become heroes, so we get to travel the world and meet the fans and be looked upon as though we know something more than mere mortals do, which in fact we don't," he said. "I remind them of that constantly."

    The full Associated Press article can be found here.

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