'Andromeda' Set Report

By Christian
May 19, 2000 - 11:01 PM

Don Lipper at Space.com has put up another of his weekly interviews with 'Andromeda' executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, talking about the recent start of shooting for the series. The first episode being filmed is actually the third in the series, which if nothing changed since February would be 'The Pearls That Were His Eyes' by Ethlie Ann Vare:

Space.com: Why are you shooting episode three first?

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: So we could get some of the bugs out before we did the premiere episode [...] In case there were things that were going to be troublesome, we could deal with them in episode three instead of episode one. We wanted to put our best foot forward.

SC: Have you ironed out bugs?

RHW: Yeah but there weren't that many. There was one sort of major one but we're dealing with it bit by bit. I'll let you know what it is if you can figure it out when you watch the episode

In the full interview, Wolfe talks about the filming of the episode, and how the finished result compares to the original scripts.

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