Bakula Says Paramount Had Planned 'Enterprise' Film

By Michelle
April 19, 2005 - 8:49 PM

Plans for a Star Trek: Enterprise feature film were canned last year when staff changes at Paramount Pictures caused the Star Trek franchise to fall out of favor, series star Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) revealed.

"You've got to have interest from the studio, and that doesn't exist right now to my knowledge," Bakula told Sci Fi Wire. "The reality is that Paramount has been under such internal upheaval in the last year that right now there's really nobody that's there that is a fan of Star Trek."

Changes both at UPN, which changed it target demographic, and at the film studio, which brought in a new president following corporate changes at the executive level, left Star Trek stranded, according to Bakula. "It's something I would be interested in doing," he said of the proposed Enterprise film, but added that he has not been asked and he did not know what would happen to the Star Trek franchise now. "Obviously it's been very important to that studio for a great number of years and brought a lot of revenue for them," he noted. "But I'm not sure how they will re-address or kind of re-approach it as the dust settles."

Asked whether he believed that Enterprise could be successful as a feature film, the actor said, "I don't think there's any question about that," adding that when they started filming the series, "there was always the idea that we would be the next movie cast and movie ship. But all the people who were interested in that are gone."

The original interview, conducted at the Enterprise wrap party, is at Sci Fi Wire.

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