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By Amy
April 19, 2001 - 1:53 PM

this image is copyright of Paramount

As you can see above, now that 'Author Author', Voyager's sixth last episode has safely aired, UPN has posted a new promotional poster for next week's Voyager episode, 'Friendship One'.

this image is copyright of ParamountThat, however, is not the only new media out today, with the official site releasing several new photos from the episode. Numbering five in total, the photos comprise primarily of group shots, with an individual each of Neelix and Harry Kim. Josh Clark, too, can be seen in one of the screen captures, reprising his role as Lt. Joe Carey.

Meanwhile, TV Guide (courtesy of Voyager's Delights), has released a new summary of the following week's episode, 'Natural Law', which may be found below.

this image is copyright of ParamountEn route to an intergalactic conference, a shuttle containing Chakotay and Seven of Nine is damaged by a force field, marooning the pair on a primitive planet. Elsewhere, Paris is forced to undergo piloting lessons after he unwittingly violates Ledosian flight regulations.

More pictures from the episode can be found by following this link to the official site, while a larger version of the poster can be found here at UPN. Please note that the above images are copyright of Paramount.

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