News Bullets (2)

By Christian
April 19, 2000 - 9:35 PM

  • According to today's Studio Briefing, the Discovery Channel's 'Walking With Dinosaurs' CGI documentary drew the highest audience on a Sunday ever for the channel, attracting 10.7 million viewers, more than both Fox and NBC. The American version of the documentary is narrated by Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko). Thanks go out to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for this!

  • The daily comic strip Down To Earth is currently running another 2-day parody of 'Star Trek: Voyager', following their Voyager week in late January.

  • Battlestar Galactica Resurrection has put an interview with George Takei (Hikaru Sulu), in which the Original Series star again explains why there should be an 'Excelsior' series. As most of these interviews contain basically the same, future Takei interviews will likely also be reported just as a Bullet.

  • Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans has updated just over half a dozen of her Star Trek lists, including 'Ways to Tell You've Compromised Your Principles on Star Trek' and 'Articles That Would Get Me Lots of Email'. Click here to find the list of new lists.

  • Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga sends along word that 'Rated X', starring Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Nicole deBoer (Ezri Dax), will also feature an appearance by Terry O'Quinn, who appeared in TNG's 'The Pegasus' as Admiral Eric Pressman. 'Rated X' will premiere on Showtime on the 13th of May.

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