Fans Disagree On Sulu Novel Crew

By Christian
April 19, 2000 - 5:48 PM

Over at the Star Trek Books Board, Pocket Books Trek editor John Ordover made the following report regarding the progress of the Captain Sulu novel campaign:

I've stolen a moment to glance over the content of the Sulu letters, and I've found something disquieting that could scuttle the whole project. There is, apparently, no agreement whatever on what Sulu's crew should be made up of. Some letters say they will only buy the book if the crew contains Uhura, Checkov, and Tuvok. Others only if it contains the exact crew from ST:VI. Others only if it contains the exact crew from Flashack, includng Tuvok and Rand. Others want Uhura and Checkov, but will -not- buy the book if it has Tuvok in it. And so on, and so on.

Alex, this is an extension of what I was saying about Captain Sulu being undefined as a character, and each fan having their own idea of what he's like. It seems that there is no agreement among fans of a Captain Sulu show or novel as to what the cast of the show or the characters in a novel should consist of - the only thing they agree on is that if they don't get it -exactly- the way they want it, they're not interested.

So no matter what Captain Sulu novel we do, we'll only be appealing to a sub-section of the Captain Sulu audience - which isn't that big to begin with. I'm not going to shut the challenge down or anything, but I will have no choice but to reasess the situation on May 1st.

Sorry to have this news.

In related news, the chances of a Captain Sulu novel actually happening are constantly decreasing - according to another post by Ordover, 299 letters have been received so far in favour of such a novel, well short of the thousand that need to be received by the 1st of May. Thanks go out to Psi Phi for the link!

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