'Star Trek' Veteran Sheppard To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
March 19, 2008 - 8:49 PM

Veteran actor William Morgan Sheppard will be returning to the world of Star Trek with a new role in Star Trek XI.

As reported by Denofgeek.com, Sheppard will be returning, but not as a Klingon this time. "I'm only playing a very small part," he said. "I am playing a different race, I've done Klingons."

Sheppard played a Klingon Commander in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. He also played Qatai in the Star Trek: Voyager fifth season episode Bliss. Sheppard also appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, playing the role of Dr. Ira Graves in The Schizoid Man. Sheppard is probably best known for appearing in Max Headroom and as General Isaac R. Trimble in both Gettysburg and Gods and Generals. He was a close runner-up for the part of G'Kar on Babylon 5 but lost out to Andreas Katsulas. He did appear in two episodes of the sci-fi show.

Wearing heavy makeup or prosthetics made playing the Klingon Commander in The Undiscovered Country a bit more difficult. "It holds you back, really," he said about wearing heavy makeup. " Sometimes you can act the wardrobe, or the wardrobe does the acting for you. When it's prosthetics like that it's hard work to get any kind of humanity, even if it's an alien. Hard work to get any kind of life behind it."

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