Bakula Says He's Heard Star Trek Series May Be In the Works

By Michelle
March 18, 2006 - 10:41 PM

A year after Enterprise left broadcast, Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) says he believes that a new Star Trek series has already been proposed.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun about his starring role in Shenandoah onstage in Washington, DC, Bakula said, "I heard there are already plans for a new series in the works...when the dust settles, someone is going to say, 'Do we really want to let this, and all the money that comes with it, go?'"

The 51-year-old actor added that he retains strong feelings for the series, though he is now singing the complex role of Charlie Anderson in the Civil War musical at a theatre famous for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at the end of that war. "I know it sounds silly, but it was a very emotional experience sitting in the captain's chair with all the crew around me," he explained.

Even so, "I'm first and foremost a stage actor," Bakula admitted. "It's where I got my start...that is where I got my chops, and I've been fortunate to be able to switch into other areas." He believes that the success of Quantum Leap was "the biggest I've ever had" and enabled him to appear in such big-screen features as American Beauty. "I've made it a goal of mine to attempt to do as many different things as possible, to keep all my acting muscles in shape," he said.

Shenandoah runs through April 30th at Ford's Theatre; the box office can be reached at 202-347-4833. The original article is from the The Baltimore Sun.

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