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'X Men' Insider Makes 'Nemesis' Appearance

By Lisa
March 20, 2002 - 1:09 AM

Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) today confirmed another famous face will have a cameo in the next Trek feature film - his 'X Men' director Bryan Singer.

"Oh, you heard about that?" said Stewart, when asked about the rumour by the Sci Fi Wire.

"It was intriguing for me, because I had seen him as the helmer of a multi million-dollar movie on vast soundstages with huge sets and a big, classy cast," Stewart explained.

The actor also told how Singer came to appear in the movie. "When I told Rick [Berman] that I'd invited him on the set, it was his idea that maybe he'd like to put in a guest appearance. They gave him a line. He does actually have dialogue."

"He's a bridge officer during a particularly dramatic sequence on the bridge. He has action, and he has a piece of dialogue."

Bryan Singer wrote the story for and directed 2000's 'X Men' movie, which featured Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. He provided the story for 'X Men 2' which he'll also be directing. Filming on the project is expected to start shortly after Stewart completes work on 'Nemesis.'

To read the original article, follow this link to the Sci Fi Wire. Thanks go out to Captain Joe for this news.

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