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Brannon Braga Registers 'Enterprise' Domain

By Christian
March 19, 2001 - 7:39 PM

  • In June 2000, it was discovered that Paramount Pictures had registered the domains StarTrekEnterprise.com, StarTrekEnterprise.net and StarTrekEnterprise.org, just one week after the first prequel rumours appeared on the internet. Apparently Paramount didn't consider this enough, as a few months later another 'Enteprise' domain name was registered.

    We were made aware that on the 24th of October, 2000, the domain name StarTrekEnterprise.TV was registered under the name of Brannon Braga, for Paramount Pictures. Together with Rick Berman, Braga is of course one of the two co-creators of the next Star Trek series.

    Recently it was already suggested that the next series would be called 'Enterprise', after the industry trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable referred to it as such (story).

  • Meanwhile, more rumours are appearing about the creative staff involved with the series. On the TrekWeb message boards, long-time insider MikeJonas just posted that James Conway "is in line to direct the pilot for the new series." Conway is a veteran Star Trek director who has helmed episodes such as 'Duet', 'The Way of the Warrior' and 'Death Wish'.

  • Scott Bakula - courtesy IMDB.com Meanwhile, as a follow-up to yesterday's report about Scott Bakula being in negotiatons for the role of Captain Jackson Archer, we tried to contact Bakula's agent. While we were unable to get in touch with Bakula's actual representative, we did get to speak with what appeared to be a television executive at his talent agency. When asked to comment, this person told us it was "news to him," but didn't comment further. This could of course indicate the report is incorrect, or that the agency has been sworn to nondisclosure during the negotiations.

  • At a recent Slanted Fedora convention in Waterbury, CT, Slanted Fedora director Dave Scott said that it had just been confirmed the next Trek series would have a 'Birth of the Federation' concept. Though some of the people who sent in this news to us speculated that Scott had obtained this information from the internet, he told us that "[he doesn't] follow internet rumours." Instead, he had heard this from a source who had actually read the script, and had informed him that things like costume design and casting had already begun. "They are not looking for young Kirks or Spocks," Scott said, but couldn't elaborate further.

  • TV Guide cover Finally, the March 24-30 edition of TV Guide includes a short article by Michael Logan on Series V. Entitled 'Star Trek: The First Generation', the article says the following:

    An early casting call sheet acquired by TV Guide reveals that the fifth series in the Star Trek franchise will be a prequel about the infancy of the Federation that predates the time of Kirk and Spock by 100 years.

    But at least one character in the series, expected to debut this fall on UPN, will be familiar: Subcommander T'Pau was first seen as a kind of Vulcan high priestess in the classic 1967 "Amok Time" episode of the original Trek. Played by Celia Lovsky, the wise and wizened T'Pau (left, with Mr. Spock) presided over the aborted wedding of Spock and his childhood fiancee. Expect a younger, more Seven of Nine-ish actress to assume the role of T'Pau on the new series.

    Trek's usual emphasis on ethnic and intergalactic diversity will be evident in the other characters, including Capt. Jackson Archer, a bold rule buster with a grudge against the Vulcans; Lt. Joe Mayweather, an African-Amercian helmsman with more experience than his captain; Ensign Hoshi Sato, who can imitate alien sounds; Dr. Phlox, an exotic alien who specializes in New Age medicine; and Chief Engineer Charlie "Spike" Tucker, a Southern good old boy. Now that's the real McCoy.

    Unfortunately no source was listed for the article, so there is of course also a possibility that TV Guide reprinted recent net rumours. Thanks go out to Theodore Jay Miller for the transcript!

As usual, please be aware that most of the above hasn't been officially confirmed by Paramount yet, and until the studio makes an official announcement about the next series any info that appears should be treated as you would any rumour.

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