Bring Back Kirk Campaign Responds To Article

By Christian
March 20, 2000 - 12:03 AM

Marc at Bring Back Kirk just sent in the following official response to Sci-Fi Wire article we reported on yesterday:

In a recent article, Sci Fi Wire reported that William Shatner's manager, Larry Thompson, said that "Paramount has not indicated that [the resurrection of Captain Kirk from his horrible death in Generations], would be in their plans," despite the fact that both Shatner and the fans want it to happen. However, as all supporters of Kirk's return know, this is old news.

Paramount has always been the only obstacle in the way of Kirk's return. The fans have shown that Kirk still sells by making William Shatner's book, THE RETURN, which resurrects Kirk, the number one selling Trek fiction book of all time. Shatner keeps the character he loves alive by writing these books. All Paramount has shown by not bringing back Kirk is that they are out of touch with the fans' desires for Trek. Further evidence of that is shown by the annual decline in ratings, as they have lost over 2/3 of their audience since they killed Kirk in 1994. Meanwhile, no topic generates more fan interest than the return of Kirk to join the TNG crew in a good story.

However, there is hope for the fans. Notice how carefully Mr. Thompson chose his words. "Paramount has not indicated that [bringing back Kirk] would be in their plans." That is not the same, as the headlines indicated, as a comment like "Kirk is not coming back, period." Plans change. That's why we're here. Star Trek fans are a passionate, powerful group when organized. And right now, through our official site at, we're organizing to allow Shatner his wish to bring back Kirk. Nothing has been decided on Star Trek 10. With the 35th anniversary coming up, and the need for something big for Trek, there is nothing more exciting than the return of Kirk and Spock as special guest heroes helping the TNG crew in a great story.

Shatner's books show that's what the fans want. The Bring Back Kirk campaign exists to allow the fans to speak up and let Paramount know that they cannot leave us with Kirk being splatted against a mountain, while they give more screen time to Data finding a cat. The Bring Back Kirk campaign is a venue mobilizing the fans to write to Paramount and get the message across that they will listen. Trek was dead in 1969. The fans brought it back. We can do it again. Kirk is a legend. Legends never die. Bring Back Kirk.

You can find the Bring Back Kirk campaign site here.

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