Cynical 'Good Shepherd' Review

By Christian
March 19, 2000 - 11:42 PM

Over at the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss has put up his review of 'Good Shepherd', the Voyager episode that aired last week. Awarding the episode a 7.0, Sluss calls it a 'fair episode'. Of course, that doesn't stop him from finding several points of criticism with the episode, including this one:

NEW PHYSICS OF THE WEEK: We were treated to more scientific hoohah regarding dark matter this week. While deuterium seems to have been mercifully abandoned as a plot device this year, it seems to have been replaced by dark matter as a real world substance being woefully misused by Voyager's writers, who also used it in the form of a "dark matter asteroid" in "One Small Step." Of course, dark matter isn't really a bizarro, dangerous substance (unlike whatever the science adviser is taking); it's just matter that is difficult to observe. But bizarro is the order of the day this week, and so we have dark matter critters attracted to antimatter, kidnapping and inhabiting people, and tearing off deck plates. And even within Voyager's increasingly fictional universe dark matter isn't treated consistently. In "One Small Step," the dark matter was attracted to electromagnetic energy, but not, apparently, to antimatter, since Voyager didn't seem affected by it in that episode. But here we have talk of dark matter comets being lured by antimatter. Whatever...

More can be found in the full review. Be sure not to be caught off-guard by the 'Next Week' listing, which nearly gave me a heart attack, until I realised Sluss was talking about the upcoming rerun series and not an actual 'Fair Haven' episode:

NEXT WEEK: Another malfunction in the Fair Haven simulation (caused by Seamus mistakenly drinking dark matter instead of Guinness) forces the crew to relive several week's worth of experiences.

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