Ed Hines Reviews 'Good Shepherd'

By Christian
March 19, 2000 - 1:44 AM

Over at the Trek Nation, we've put up a new review of Voyager's 'Good Shepherd', written by Edward James Hines. He seemed to rather like the episode:

When you think about it, the premise is terribly contrived. In reality, how likely is it that three misfits would be placed in a random situation that simultaneously required each of them to deal with their personal problems to stay alive? Janeway's mission to the Class T cluster could just as easily have gone off without a hitch, and then what would these misfits have learned?

Contrived or not, this is the first solidly good episode in several weeks - the perfect way to end an unusually long string of new shows - but it's nothing we haven't seen before. One could easily classify it as TNG's "Lower Decks" meets VGR's "Learning Curve" with a bit of TNG's "Hollow Pursuits" and a suggestion of TNG's "Conspiracy" mixed in.

More can be found in the full review. I'm pleased to announce that in the future you'll actually be able to read a lot more of Edward's reviews, as the new Trek Nation design will also feature a dedicated review section, where he'll be analysing each new Voyager episode that is aired. Welcome to the site, Ed!

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