'Star Trek: New Voyages' Becomes 'Star Trek: Phase II'

By T'Bonz
February 19, 2008 - 8:01 PM

In addition to a new name, the former Star Trek: New Voyages will strive for a high quality production; with new people, new material and a new direction.

As reported at Star Trek: Phase II, the name similarity to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: Phase II is no accident.

"New Voyages began as a fan film project, as a bunch of friends who love Star Trek working together to prove there was still plenty of creative life in Gene Roddenberry's original vision of Star Trek," said a spokesperson at Star Trek: Phase II. "With our recent Online Video Award from TV Guide for Best Sci-Fi Webisodes, we think we've proven that. We're ready now to move to a higher level -- Phase II, Gene's proposed title for a second Trek series that would've aired in the 1970s." Star Trek: Phase II will continue to tell the stories of the final two years of the Enterprise's five year mission, following the first three years which were seen in the original series.

The original Star Trek: Phase II was a planned television series set to air in the late 1970s. It would have told stories set during a second five year mission of James T. Kirk's USS Enterprise. The original crew was to have returned, with the exception of Leonard Nimoy. Several new characters, including one to replace Spock, would have been added.

The series never aired, although pre-production began at one point and a dozen scripts were penned, some of which were used in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The pilot for Phase II became Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Personnel and cast changes have begun. J.T. Tepnapa will be assuming the role of Sulu, replacing John Lim. As reported by Trekmovie.com, Jonathan Zungre will be playing Chekov, replacing Andy Bray. The character of Xon, who would have replaced Spock in the 1970s Phase II will be added to the cast, and played by Patrick Bell. In the new Phase II, he will be added to the cast, but not replacing Spock. Xon will appear in the Blood and Fire episode.

The series will begin to incorporate more of the original Phase II ideas, from new characters such as Xon, to original Phase II and Star Trek: The Motion Picture uniforms. Some elements will be seen in the Blood and Fire episode, but will become more common with subsequent episodes.

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