'Cloverfield' Premiere Brings Out 'Star Trek XI

By T'Bonz
January 19, 2008 - 9:27 PM

The debut of Cloverfield was preceded by the Star Trek XI teaser trailer which gave fans a first look at the Enterprise.

As reported at IESB.net, the premiere of Cloverfield brought out the cast for the upcoming Star Trek XI, who were cautious in their comments about Star Trek XI.

Secrecy was the order of the day and the actors were very guarded in their comments, making sure not to spill the beans. Jennifer Morrison described the process of trying out for Star Trek XI and the ordeal trying to get her script. "It was pretty intense," she said. "It was pretty crazy. They cast me from a scene that is not in the movie. I get this scene, it's really wild and crazy and dramatic, and I go in do it and I'm thinking it's in the movie. It has nothing to do with the movie. It's so secretive they're not even giving that scene out." Getting her script was another ordeal. "So about 48 hours before, I had to go and sign for the pages of the script that I am in. Finally had them released to me. They were dark red, with my name watermarked across them so you can't even xerox them."

Roberto Orci was a little more forthcoming with information, saying that the time travel in the movie would not be contain elements of time travel such as seen in The City on the Edge of Forever. "It's original," said Orci. "There's a lot of speculation lately about the fact that well we're going to completely throw everything out the window. I can't comment specifically on that, but I can say, if you know your Trek, and you know your canon, your knowledge will be rewarded and if you don't know Trek and you don't know sci-fi, it's not going to matter."

Chris Hemsworth, playing George Kirk, said that he did "a lot" of scenes with Jennifer Morrison, who is playing Winona Kirk. He admitted to scenes on a "deck" and in some sort of "space thing".

Karl Urban confirmed the secrecy and security, saying "The security is phenomenal, the paranoia is extreme." But he could see justification for it, saying "It'll kind of be a shame if certain things are spoiled along the way." Urban also enthused about the new Enterprise ship, saying "Wait'll you see the Enterprise. It's amazing. It's like Star Trek Hi-Def."

The first photos of the Enterprise have hit the Internet, courtesy of moviefone, which posted a shot of the Enterprise which is located here, and appears to be taken from the teaser trailer. The teaser trailer of Star Trek XI has already appeared on YouTube, several days ahead of its official online release.

To read more about Cloverfield, head to the link located here. Photos of the Star Trek XI actors on opening night of Cloverfield are located here. To see the Orci video and videos from several of the actors and actresses, head to the links located here and here.

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