Star Trek Gaming To Go Forward in 2005

By Michelle
January 19, 2005 - 9:43 PM

Harry Lang, the Senior Director of Interactive Viacom Consumer Products, has posted an update about the status of Star Trek gaming, reaffirming a likely 2007 release date for the Massively Multiplayer Online Game and promising that Star Trek games will be coming to non-traditional gaming platforms in the coming year.

On the discussion boards at the Star Trek Gaming Universe, Lang said that the MMOG "is deep in design", set for beta sometime in 2006. He said that he could not give out more details on the development of the game, which will allow large numbers of users to interact with numerous facets of the Star Trek universe, "but I wanted to let you know there are active discussions on going with developers as I type."

Lang also mentioned the mobile phone games "Birds of Prey" and "Cold Enemy", which he said have been well-reviewed thus far. Citing Gamespot's statement that the former is "one of the best shooters on the mobile platform", he added that there will be more mobile games and Star Trek games on other platforms.

There are discussions in place to resurrect a previously cancelled Star Trek game, said Lang, and to target the modding scene, as well as new traditional single- and multi-player games. However, Lang added in a later comment, while developers are working on some of the games already, no publisher has yet been signed. The last publisher of Star Trek games, Activision, announced in 2003 that it was pulling out of its ten-year gaming license and would sue Paramount for failing to exploit the Star Trek franchise as aggressively as it did when Activision acquired the license in 1998 (story).

Until a publisher is found, advised Lang, "Sit back, play games, and be patient."

The original item comes from The Star Trek Gaming Universe Boards. Thanks to ChessMedia for passing it on.

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