Ethan Phillips To Play 'Enterprise' Ferengi

By Caillan
January 19, 2002 - 5:19 PM

Ethan Phillips, the man behind Star Trek: Voyager's Neelix, will return to the franchise for a guest role in an upcoming Enterprise episode.

Phillips will once again don heavy make-up, as this time around he'll be playing a Ferengi. Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) let the secret slip during his appearance at a convention in Portland, Oregon last weekend.

According to a report by Linda Burnett and Gayle Stever at The Edge of the Frontier, Keating said Phillips will be in the next episode filmed and had dropped by the set the previous week.

The large-lobed race will rate their first Enterprise mention in next week's 'Dear Doctor' when one of the aliens mentions they have been visited by the Ferengi, who are not known even to the Vulcans.

In a recent interview, actress Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) said the cast and crew were filming this season's nineteenth episode. Judging by this, Phillips's appearance should air in a couple of months.

Phillips is no stranger to the race of greedy aliens, as he made his first appearance in Trek in the Next Generation episode 'Menage A Troi' as the Ferengi Dr. Farek. He also popped up in a short uncredited role in the movie 'Star Trek: First Contact' in one of the holodeck scenes. Phillips provided the voice of Neelix in the video game 'Voyager Elite Force' and appeared in Voyager crewmate Robert Duncan McNeill's (Tom Paris) short film '9mm of Love.'

The original convention report can be found here.

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