Two More 'Shattered' Reviews

By Amy
January 19, 2001 - 12:47 PM

  • There are two more new Voyager reviews out today. First off the rank is Jason Bates of IGN Sci-Fi, who gave 'Shattered' a paltry one out of five.

    He says he's hungry. He says he's starving. He says he wants an episode in which his character does more than sit in a chair and say, "Yes, Captain" or "No, Captain" or "Captain, there's an actor's strike approaching on the starboard bow."

    Well, be careful what you wish for. Beltran was the star of last night's episode, although when I say "star" I'm not talking about Hollywood's walk of fame, I'm talking about those vast astronomical objects that provide light and heat to the rest of the universe. Although in Beltran's case, he's one of those stars that have collapsed in on themselves and have begun to suck the life out of everything around them. They're called black holes, and that's what he's become: a dramatic black hole, sucking matter and energy out of the script, the director, and everyone around him.

    To read Jason's full review, please follow this link.

  • Secondly, the Cynic has posted his take on the episode over at his website, the Cynic's Corner. While he does rate it substantially higher (7.0), he wasn't really that impressed with this week's offering either.

    VOYAGER CLICHE OF THE WEEK: These anomalies just seem to find Voyager, don't they? And this one's a doozy. Let's remember that its effect spanned not only a quarter century of time but also 70,000 light-years, from the Badlands in the Alpha Quadrant to the Kazon boondocks of the Delta Quadrant. But in all fairness, Janeway does the smart thing and hightails it away from the anomaly almost immediately.

    VOYAGER CLICHE OF THE WEEK RUNNER-UP: The holodeck malfunctions so that we can get five minutes of Chaotica schlock. And I love the fact that Chakotay and Janeway don't even attempt to shut it down before being captured; instead, despite the urgency of their task, they scour the holoenvironment for the rock under which the control panel is hidden.

    Again, to read the Cynic's full review, drop by the Cynic's Corner.

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