Columbia To See Action in Klingon Two-Parter

By Michelle
December 18, 2004 - 5:29 PM

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Enterprise and Columbia may see battle duty together in an upcoming episode.

According to a report at TrekWeb, in the episode "Divergence" - the second of a two-parter involving the Klingons that begins with "Affliction" - viewers will be treated to "a multiple-starship action sequence that's never been seen before", in the words of writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

As previously reported, "Affliction" tells the story of why Klingon foreheads looked so different in the era of Kirk's five year mission than during the periods before and after. According to the official production report, during the course of that episode, Dr. Phlox is abducted in the hope that he can cure a threat to the Klingons.

In "Divergence", Phlox creates a vaccine, but he's uncertain that it will be successful and explains that the procedure must involve human hosts. Then ship that is transporting him comes under attack.

In the multi-ship battle that ensues, Captain Erika Hernandez brings the Columbia into action, giving the order to fire at will upon a weakened enemy.

This information should be treated as rumour until it is confirmed by Paramount or UPN. The original report is at TrekWeb.

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