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Stewart 'Sure' Trek X Is TNG's Last

By Caillan
December 19, 2002 - 3:08 AM

Despite recent talk of returning for another big-screen adventure with his Next Generation comrades (story), Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) said yesterday he's convinced 'Star Trek Nemesis' will be a generation's final journey.

"I'm sure this is our final curtain," Stewart told assembled reporters at the 'Star Trek: The Adventure' theme park in London, according to a Reuters report. "All of us are very sensitive about not wanting to outstay our welcome."

Ever the gentleman, Stewart said he knows when to bow out gracefully. "When the party comes to a close, it is best to leave before you are the last guest." But the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor is confident another crew will film the void left by the Next Generation team. "My feeling is that there is no reason why the franchise of Star Trek should not go on indefinitely. It is just that certain of us will fade out and move on."

Despite years treading the boards in a multitude of Shakespearean roles and film and television appearances in I, Claudius, Moby Dick and 'Dune,' Stewart is at ease with being recognised as the bald Enterprise captain who takes tea, earl grey, hot.

"I don't feel it is a millstone. It has been in some modest ways a handicap but those handicaps are so outweighed by the benefits. I am tremendously proud. The series is an iconic series. I went through a period when I was resentful. I felt the role was taking over my life. People would call me Captain. But all that is past. I am very relaxed about it now."

Further comments from Stewart on 'Nemesis' and 'X-Men' are available here. Thanks to David Payne, 'Enterpriser' and Jeremy Gibbons for this!

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