Gaming Bullets

By Amy
November 18, 2000 - 4:51 PM

  • Westlake Interactive is reporting that 'Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force' for the Mac has officially gone gold.

  • Gaming Unlimited has posted a somewhat belated review of 'Elite Force'. The unnamed reviewer enjoyed the game, commenting that "if FPS or Star Trek games are your thing, then Elite Force is exactly what you need. Play it for a few weeks and call me in the morning."

  • A second belated 'Elite Force' review comes courtesy of at G-Machines' Dan Webster. Dan also thought it was a good, game, rating it 4 'G's and adding that "it's a shame the Star Trek Voyager series winds down this season. After playing Elite Force, I have a bigger inclination to watch the show more often."

  • The 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' official site has posted a production update and a new screenshot of the week.

  • The Pan Asia Gaming Network has uploaded a review of 'Star Trek: New Worlds'. Reviewer Patriot was not happy with the game, concluding with this thought: "Give it a miss unless you are true Trekkie who doesn't mind a crappy game as long as it is from the Star Trek universe."

  • The official Interplay 'Star Fleet Command II' site has announced that a bonus CD, entitled 'Travels with Sulu', which contains a number of exclusive missions, in addition to a number of sound clips and other media, will be available only to those who pre-order the game

  • In addition to their continued posting of the finalist's decks, Decipher has added a 45 minute streaming video of the closed circuit video of the Star Trek CCG finals match, including expert commentary.
Thanks go out to Blue's News for some of these!

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