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Moore Talks Galactica-Trek Differences

By Michelle
October 18, 2005 - 8:14 PM

On the day when the writing staff put out first drafts of the final episodes of the second season of Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore talked about the combined relief and sadness of finishing up a season.

"When I was at Trek, and doing 26 hours a year, the end of the season was more an occasion for the bleary-eyed and nearly brain-dead staff to plan their escapes from the Hart Building," he recalled in the Battlestar Galactica Blog, noting that with Galactica, "it's also a reminder of just how fast this trip is going...I can't decide if I'm just getting old or if the special quality of this experience is truly making it all seem like it's roaring past me at an impossibly fast pace."

Moore said that the staff was very committed to quality and dissatisfied when their goals proved unattainable. "I found myself not only dissatisfied last night, but positively angry with myself at something I knew in my bones had fallen well below the bar I set for myself," he explained. "Nothing pisses me off more than not making a show the best I think it can be and in this case, there was no one to blame but myself." He said that he had recently watched an episode of the original BSG and found it amusing to work on new scripts with that playing in the background.

Asked about how Galactica works by a fan who noted that on Star Trek there was always some understanding of what powered the ship and how the weapons worked, Moore said, "I did want to stay away from the technobabble that I felt sometimes swamped the characters in Trek, and so I have intentionally avoided discussion of the technical workings of Galactica...the writing staff often felt that the technological detail of the Enterprise was as limiting on Trek as it was helpful." He said it became frustrating to have to discard story ideas based on "some bit of jargon we'd tossed out two seasons before."

Moore also answered fan questions about the backlash against a woman president on the series and how plot elements were developing. The full writeup is at the Battlestar Galactica Blog.

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