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Trinneer Returns To Tucker's Trip

By Michelle
October 18, 2003 - 11:44 PM

"This year is definitely the shift," said Connor Trinneer of Trip Tucker's development on Star Trek: Enterprise. "For a couple of years, he was the good ol' boy, foot-in-mouth kind of guy. I'm really excited about the change."

Speaking to Star Trek Monthly (via, the actor said that Tucker's loss of his sister would drive his motivations for much of the show's third season.

"He suffered a great emotional loss and is having trouble dealing with it," Trinneer said, adding that because Jolene Blalock's T'Pol has considerable emotional control, "they begin to form a connection. That may or may not evolve into something a little more interesting."

The set for the new season, Trinneer said, feels "like the first day back at school. These people are my friends...I think everybody gets excited to come back to work." He described the cast as a bit more focused now that the crew has a specific mission in tracking the Xindi.

Of last season's episodes, Trinneer particularly recalled "Cogenitor", calling it "quite well done" and expressing appreciation for the fact that Tucker had to suffer the consequences of his actions in the story.

"I thought [it] was important for the dimensions of Trip Tucker that there was some responsibility there, and he did have to think twice sometimes and not just fly off the handle," he said.

Asked about his favourite stunts, the actor cited a dive that wasn't shown onscreen and the rappelling from "The Breach", "because I know how to do that and to rappel for a couple of days was a hoot."

For more, including Trinneer's plans to direct and his pride when he hears his own voice in his character's scripts, read the complete interview here. The original article appears in the November issue of Star Trek Monthly.

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