'Excalibur' Excerpt

By Amy
October 18, 2000 - 1:28 PM

David Henderson at PsiPhi has posted an excerpt from upcoming 'New Frontiers' novel, 'Excalibur', by Peter David, wich is due to be published in hardcover this November.

This image is copyright of Paramount"I'm not going to do it tonight, Shelby told herself.

She lay on her bed, fingers interlaced behind her head, gazing up at the ceiling. The Exeter would not be departing dry-dock for another week, but Shelby was already living full-time in her quarters. Why not? She really didn't feel as if she had anywhere else to go or anything else to do. Her parents lived on a far off colony world; she had only one sibling whom she almost never saw.

She had been working on crew rosters and material relating to the Exeter's launch until the late hours. Her eyes had become sore with fatigue, and that was usually a good indicator for her that it was time to call it a night. But once she was reclining, she felt her fatigue evaporating as she replayed in her head, once again, those events in the final moments of Excalibur."

The above text and graphic are copyright of Paramount and for the full excerpt, please go to here at PsiPhi.

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