Mark Altman Interview

By Amy
October 18, 2000 - 5:33 AM

Fandom yesterday took a look at the rise of Mark Altman, best know by most for the movie 'Free Enterprise', which he co-wrote and produced two years ago. The movie has been somewhat of a sleeper, only becoming a "big success on video and on cable", but has seen Altman, according to Fandom reporter Steve Ryfle, attend almost every genre movie-related event in or around Hollywood, including last Fridays (the 13th) Halloween reunion soiree. Of particular interest is the news that Free Enterprise might be made into a tv show. Altman says ""We`ve had interest from a couple people to do Free Enterprise as a television series" and adds that "It`d sort of be a Seinfeld meets Swingers meets The Larry Sanders Show". Further on in the article, Ryfle speculates on whether or now "Shatner [will] take a break from those silly commercials to reprise his role, as "Bill", hopes that, if produced, the 'Free Enterprise' show will not go the way of 'Clerks', "another independent film phenom that was supposed to be turned into a sitcom and then, a few years later, finally morphed into a not-very-good animated series that was quickly canceled" and also talks a bit about Altman's company, Mindfire Entertainment and their past and upcoming projects, from the somewhat disastrous 'Mystery Men'-style superhero spoof, 'The Specials' to a "film version of the 'Alley Cats' comic, which Altman calls a "sort of a supernatural horror superhero kind of thing."" For more of the interview, follow this link to Fandom.

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