Trinneer Thinks 'Enterprise' Has Found Its Sea Legs

By Michelle
September 18, 2004 - 4:16 PM

"I knew going into Season Three that the things that make Trip who he is might get him into a little more trouble...he was asked to go in a number of rather edgy directions, which included shooting his captain," laughed Connor Trinneer of his Star Trek: Enterprise character, Tucker, who had a complex emotional arc last season dealing with the death of his sister and the blooming of a romance with T'Pol.

TV Zone magazine (via The Great Link) talked to Trinneer about the Xindi Arc and the T'Pol relationship, in which the actor expressed great satisfaction with the former and some confusion concerning the latter. Stating that he had never before spent an entire season of a TV show that concentrated on a single story arc, he found it "fascinating how our writers were able to sustain and gather momentum for such an undertaking."

Tucker, said Trinneer, "has his own book of right and wrong that only he can dictate from" and has become more multidimensional as the show has progressed. "Last year, Trip went to a number of emotional places that he had never before been to on the show," he observed. "What we saw last year with Trip was the proper dose of internal struggle that he had to go through in order to work things out."

But the relationship with T'Pol mystified him, he readily admitted, as it progressed from neuropressure sessions to intimacy and then reverted. "At one point it seemed like it began to go in a specific direction and then ended up treading water," he noted.

If the writers continue the relationship into the fourth season, said Trinneer, he hopes to come to understand it a bit more. But otherwise, he thinks the show "found its sea legs" during the past season. "Most, if not all of the shows in the Trek franchise have been in that same situation where it took a couple of years for them to get their balance and then off they went. That's what happened with our series," he said. In the upcoming season, "The writers have thrown stuff in there that will make all of us stop and go, 'What the heck...?'" He is hoping for "a kick-ass year" that will give Enterprise the momentum to run for a full seven seasons, like its predecessors.

The original interview appears in issue #181 of TV Zone. These excerpts are courtesy The Great Link.

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