News Bullets

By Michelle
September 18, 2004 - 3:45 PM

  • The official site of William Shatner (Captain Kirk) has a blog entry on his thoughts on being an Emmy winner.

  • This Is London has posted that Patrick Stewart (Picard) argued to persuade the council of Southwark not to evict residents of houseboats moored on the south side the Thames River. Stewart owns a home in the area. Thanks to TrekWeb.

  • Nancy Hower (Samantha Wildman)'s web site reports that she will be showing her film Memron at upcoming film festivals both in the US and Canada.

  • TV Shows on DVD reports that the 2003 release Return to the Batcave, which features several Trek alumni talking about their experiences on the Batman TV series, will be released next year. Thanks to Alex.

  • CNN and several other venues report that German broadcaster Deutsche Welle has added Klingon to its database of languages of news, available here.

  • The freeware game The Battle of Endor 2.1 has a new mod, Star Trek DS9: The Invasion of Cardassia. Thanks to Daniel.

  • DVD Answers has the artwork for the original series third season DVD set.

  • Trekpulse has posted screen caps from Generations, "Datalore" and "Angel One".

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